❈Yogurt Parfait❈


DSCN4375Vegetarian parfait – 320

Vegan parfait made with Soy Yogurt – 340


  • 60z of non-fat Chobani yogurt (I used strawberry) – OR – 6oz of Soy Yogurt
  • 1 banana
  • 1 apple
  • TVP crumbles (textures vegetable protein) – optional and just a sprinkle!

I was not too crazy about the banana and Chobani mixed together, texture wise. I think it definitively would’ve tasted better either with strawberries instead of banana or changing the yogurt to Soy Yogurt.

I also feel like it lacked something….I’m thinking it needs berries. One can never have too many berries!

  1. Divide yoDSCN4380ur yogurt into three equal parts
  2. Chop up the apple (peel or leave skin on, your choice), save a slice for garnish!
  3. Slice up banana
  4. Layer it as apple, banana, yogurt
  5. Feel free add or mix up your layers!



  • Top with the optional dried TVP crumbles
  • Eat and enjoy!!






☮&❤ – Micaelina




❀ ✿Good Morning, Sunshine! ❀ ✿


This is officially my first post! I have many recipes planned, but none set up yet seeing as how I would like to make them and take my own picture of them to post with the recipes. Tell my successes, my failures, my “cover ups”, tips, tricks, and just flat out simple tid-bits of deliciousness! 

This morning, not really a recipe, I had a simple bowl of strawberry Chobani yogurt and an apple – one half sliced and one half diced. I mixed the diced in with the yogurt and used it as a fruit dip to dip my apple slices in. Chobani is thick and creamy (and non-fat!) that it made a great breakfast. With a total of 220 calories for my breakfast, I ate something quick to make and simple in its delightful and delicious form. A busy day, unfortunately, does not allow me to make anything elaborate. This is considered vegetarian, not vegan. This can easily be made into an equally, and more satisfying, breakfast, by using Soy! yogurt, which I personally love!

When it comes to Chobani yogurt, I very much dislike the “goaty” taste of it. If I eat it, I need to have a fruity flavor which masks that flavor, like strawberry, blueberry, peach, pineapple….

I tried chocolate chip once…



Happy Eating!


❤Hello and Welcome ❤


Amazing Gazpacho Juice

Officially, this blog does not begin until February 1st when I am complete with my 30 day juice fast. I have struggle with food for far too long and this juice fast taught me the importance of taking your time in prepping food as well as eating them and savoring every bite. I have a hobby in photography (a hobby, I said, I’m no pro) and my new love for making Vegan and Vegetarian foods look pretty and taste great has begun to grow in my new foodie heart. 

What you should expect from this blog are many vegan and vegetarian recipes (with calorie counts for the calorie conscious), my exercise routines I enjoy (running/biking in the warmer months, playing DDR in the winter, dance all year round) and maybe my general ramblings on being animal friendly and animal loving.

Peace and Love,