✥Calorie Counting✥

To verify:

I do not count vegetables because in many programs, especially weight watchers, you can have as many vegetables and salsa as you want. There ARE exceptions, though. Corn, peas and legumes will all be counted and potatoes as well. Mainly, the starchy and carbohydrate veggies will be taken into consideration. When it comes to peppers, celery, onions, garlic, carrots and such – we’re free to slice, dice and crunch away!

All fruit, including tomatoes and avocados (ESPECIALLY avocados) are counted. They may be healthy, but they are high in sugar and or fat. (Yeah, I’m looking at you, Avocado! You mean, green, delicious thaaaaang…) 

When I cook, I almost ALWAYS use spray oil, unless the the oil is a necessity to a certain recipe, like olive oil. I try to avoid cooking with oils and butters at ALL costs. Usually, they only come in as a last resort. 

All calories are found through the item’s nutrition labels, recipe calorie counter found here, and through Calorie King.


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