☺About Me☺

I am 20 years old and I just got done with a thirty day juice fast. From this fast, I have discovered a new found foodie love for making and taking pictures of vegan and vegetarian meals. I have been vegetarian all my life – never eaten a bit of meat – and I was vegan until I was seven when I had my very first egg from our own happy chickens…one of the ninety something birds we named. I grew up on an animal sanctuary in NJ and my compassion and love for the critters never ceased. I’ve had many struggles with food and I am beginning a new healthy lifestyle of loving food without gorging on it. Even though I’ll eat dairy occasionally, I only truly know how to cook vegan. We never buy dairy products, so therefore I never really learned how to cook with the stuff. Most, if not all, of the recipes on here are vegan.

Basically, this is a blog for my journey to a healthy, animal friendly,  foodie lifestyle!


I'm the dark haired big nosed one

I’m the dark haired big nosed one



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